I live to cook!
I love to cook!

Hello , my name is Fozia!

fozias curry kitchen

From the earliest dawning of my existence, an unquenchable passion for cooking has coursed through my veins, like a life force driving me forward.

This culinary zeal was ignited by none other than my mother, the true architect of my culinary journey. With an unbridled love for crafting meals from scratch, she sowed the seeds of devotion within me.

Hailing from a bustling family of eight siblings, our mealtimes were orchestrated chaos, where every set of hands played a crucial role. I vividly recall, at a mere 10 or 11 years old, mastering the delicate art of creating chapattis – a skill that became the cornerstone of my culinary foundation.

Baking was another realm where my passion unfurled its wings. During the late ’70s and early ’80s, I immersed myself in the culinary treasures of the Readers Digest Cookery Book. With a sense of awe and exhilaration, I brought to life delectable 321 biscuits, ethereal fairy cakes, and charming thumbprints.

But amid all this creativity, my mother’s legacy remained an enduring flame. Her recipes, handed down through the generations from the heartlands of Kashmir, have woven a gossamer thread of influence into my cooking. It’s a thread that I cherish and uphold, infusing her traditions into every dish.

In the symphony of my kitchen, the harmonious notes of Kashmiri heritage, the vibrant melodies of Indian/Pakistanit culture, and the refined techniques of Western culinary arts come together. The result is a masterpiece, a fusion that transcends time and place. Every dish I meticulously craft is a bridge between past and present, an ode to the traditions that shaped me and the future that I continue to forge.

Whether you’re seeking the comfort of nostalgia or embarking on a new culinary adventure, my frozen food delivery brings the heart and soul of my kitchen to yours. It’s a journey through flavors, a dance of passion, and an invitation to experience the legacy of my mother’s kitchen – a legacy that lives on with every bite.

So, when the rhythm of life quickens and moments to craft elaborate feasts slip through your fingers, our frozen food delivery ensures that the essence of my kitchen arrives at your doorstep. It’s a convenience that doesn’t compromise on the cherished authenticity that defines my creations.

Allow my passion to fill your home, a culinary symphony that sings of tradition, innovation, and the timeless bond between family and food. With each mouthful, you embrace the warmth of tradition, the artistry of my kitchen, and the comfort of a frozen food delivery that brings it all to life.

I qualified as a dentist long ago but after getting married we moved to Spain for a number of years and had my two boys.

I then took time out from work and rekindled my passion for cooking.

I started selling my food at local market stalls in Spain and got very busy very rapidly!

After moving back to the UK I continued with my love for food and worked for varoius charities. I have also worked at an amazing cafe,Squash, in Liverpool where I learnt much more about food standards and safety. The food industry is ever evolving thus giving me the thirst to learn even more.

During the corona virus lockdown period I did a few live cookalong shows teaching my friends and even family members my two passions, curries and cakes. This made me realise I wanted to give out more and will be aiming to do more cooking lessons on a one to one basis.

Everything I prepare is made from scratch, no base sauces kept overnight and no chemicals used to preserve food.

Everything is sealed once cooked and then frozen, to lock in the flavours.

The meals that you order will be prepared exactly the same way as I would make for my family and for friends !

The important thing is that I know what goes into the preperation and so will you! Scroll down further and take see how I prepare food at home!!


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