How it works!

Why Order from the Kashmiri Curry Kitchen ?

Whist living away from home I found that buying supermarket pre made curry was bland and not very authentic.

I felt there was no attention to detaill with standard frozen Indian food in the UK, and the flavour was muted.

The mass produced frozen Indian curries seem to offer a very standard base line and there is so much more to the Asian food spectrum, tasted and flavours you may yet to encounter.

Supermarket brands often did not cater to people who reqiured halal meat so the selection was limited for me.

Halal frozen meat curries are rare to find in most supermarkets and I have a lot of friends who are too busy to cook from scratch and many other friends who do not know how to cook.

 They will be more than happy to order my Indian/Kashmiri frozen meals.

Thats why I created my range of taste tested frozen curry so that you could also still have the finest quality ingrediants made by hand and then instantly frozen and delivered to you.

I love cooking and this is why I do what I do.

I want to make it as easy as possible so that you can have exactly the same food I provide for my family all cooked with my exacting standards.

Step 1 - You Order Your Meals

After browsing the site you will simply order your meals.

As soon as I get the order, which is instantly sent to me, I start preparing the food.

I do not have huge batches prepared before hand and stored away, that will ruin the flavour.

When creating the order I never deviate from the recipe so that I can always give you the best food consistantly.

Step 2 - Your Food is Cooked

There are no base sauces or chemical additives used, only the best ingredients to ensure the best flavours.

I have always prefered this method of preparation, I can ensure anyone who comes to my home to eat that what they are eating has been cooked properly. 

I like to know what I am eating as I am sure you do to.

As I am making all products from scratch any large order may take longer to prepare so please be prepared for a slight longer delivery time.

I will always be in contact with you and advise you on the time it will take to produce.

Step 3 - We Freeze Your Order

As soon as your food has been made it is blast frozen to -40 C.

This will ensure that it does not lose any of the unique flavours as they are now locked in.

This method of freezing ensures that we do not need to use another method to preserve the food.

 Fast freezing your order will also stop any bacteria from developing.


Step 4 - We Deliver to Your Door

Once your order has been cooked and frozen it will be boxed inside an insulated package.

Your order will be kept frozen during delivery for around 24-27 hours after it has left my kitchen.

What if you are not at home ?     No Problem ! – check our FAQ for further information. Click here!

Remember that your food will stay frozen for some time but just to be really sure just let me know the best place to leave your order.

There is no charge added for delivery of you picking up locally.

On orders that are required to be shipped we do have to add £7.50 for delivery – any order over £75 will have no delivery charge.

Step 5 - You Heat and Eat !!

All the food cooked can be cooked from frozen.
Depending on the frozen curry ( cakes do not require re-heating ) you have ordered will dictate the length of time required to heat it up properly.
All our products will have instructions re heating time frames – Please ensure that you heat all curries until piping hot.