How to make a curry less spicy

When I first started cooking getting the balance of spices was difficult, especially when cooking for a family.

Everyone has their own take on what is too hot or just right.

My mother would cook “mediumly” spiced curries to please everyone but taste is subjective.

Cooking authentic Indian style curries from scratch for a group and getting the spice level right can be a challenge.

So I found some ways on how to make any curry less spicy.

These are my tips on how to turn down the heat for any curry that you make at home or buy from us ( or any where for that matter )

In the video below you  can also follow along and I will show you the best way to make a raita sauce, when blended into a curry or used a side sauce, it will reduce the heat.

If you want to make it hotter I have you covered, you can also follow along and make a chillie sauce that will really turn up the heat.

1. Add Some Yoghurt.

Spoon in a small amount of unflavoured yoghurt into the curry.

It works wonders on balancing the acidic elements.

I usually make a quick batch of yoghurt and mint riata and have that on ready.

Click here to see how to make this.

2. Add a dash of Lemon, lime Juice.

Both lemon or lime will bring down the heat plus will add a little extra zing to your curry.

I find that with meat curries it works best.

This method of cooling down the spice will work especially well with my fish menu.

3. Coconut milk or cream.

Adding these elements is a great options for vegans, especially with my vegan range of curries.

Add a small amount to start with as it can overpower the flavour of the curry and stir it in.

4. More vegetables.

If you have a meaty dish the one simple method is to add in some vegetables.

Some of my family like to add in choice vegetables to my keema dishes.

Using either potatoes or sweet potatoes will dissipate the heat very well and bulking up the meal at the same time.


Follow along with me!

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