Chicken Fish and Meat Curries

Every ounce of meat employed in my culinary endeavors is sourced meticulously, adhering unwaveringly to the principles of 100% halal integrity. Just as I do in the sanctuary of my own kitchen, I entrust the selection to a butcher whose standards echo my own exacting requirements.

Within the realm of my creation, an assemblage of flavors awaits – a medley that’s poised to redefine the landscape of halal frozen meals in the UK. Crafted with a fusion of artistry and tradition, the selection stands as an embodiment of unparalleled excellence.

As you place an order, a symphony of precision commences. Each dish, a masterpiece in its own right, is meticulously prepared on demand, then promptly subjected to a blast freezing process. This ingenious technique locks in the nuances of taste and fragrance, ensuring that every bite, upon savoring, evokes an orchestra of sensations.

It’s imperative to note that there are no shortcuts taken in my culinary narrative. In an age where convenience sometimes overshadows authenticity, I remain steadfast in my commitment to crafting every element from scratch. There are no premade base sauces lurking here – only the alchemy of raw ingredients, transforming under my skilled hands.

The experience, akin to summoning your own personal chef, unfurls before you.

As each dish arrives at your table, or within the comforts of your abode, the amalgamation of Indian and Kashmiri recipes coalesce, conjuring a symphony that tantalizes the palate and beckons the heart.

A celebration of taste, tradition, and the unending pursuit of culinary excellence, these halal frozen meals become not just sustenance, but a journey to be savored and relished.

All my curries are made with a mild spice blend, if you want it hotter please let us know when you make your order or if you want to bring the spice level down click here and get some top tips on how to do that.

In the preperation of my curries I use curry powder. Depending on the brand of curry powder it may or may not contain mustard powder.

If you have an allergy to mustard please contact me before ordering and I can confirm if the curry powder used contains mustard or not.

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