Covid, Lockdown and the Curry Cookalong

At the beginning of March the country went into lockdown and a lot of people started baking, I realise on social media that a lot of people were doing live cookalongs.

I thought it would be fun to do a Curry cookalong and ask my friends if they would join in.

They jumped at the idea and every Sunday we went live and cooked various curries, rice’s, desserts, naan’s and even pakora’s and samosas.

It was good fun. We had a facebook page ‘Fozia’s curries and cakes’ in which I would up the list of ingredients and also prep instructions ready so our followers could cook live with me every Sunday during lock down.

I even did an Eid special, making biryani on Eid day and amazingly loads of people cooked along live with us!

We then posted these videos on to our YouTube channel ‘Curries and Cakes’.

You can now access these videos whenever you wish but I would sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy my husband sense of humour.

The videos are about an hour and half long, but this is as it was live cooking we didn’t want to edit much out.

On each video I usually cook 3 things to keep the video ‘moving’, rather than doing one curry and you just watching me stir a pan, I always made a dessert and usually a side or starter.

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