Allergens Table

Please refer to the guide below of you have any food allergies.

Curry powder used may contain mustard, dependant on the supplier. In most cases we use the non mustard version. Please contact me if you have a mustard allergy before ordering.

Food ItemcelerycerealcrustaceaneggsfishlupinmilkmolluscsmustardNutspeanutsSesame seedssoyaSulphur dioxide
Chicken Handi        x     
Mix veg curry        x     
Chicken pilau              
Aloo gobi        x     
Lamb karahi        x     
Chickpea pilau              
Tarka daal        x     
Butter chicken        x     
Plain naans x x  x       
Garlic naans x x  x       
Chicken mince and peas        x     
Lamb and pepper        x     
Chicken korma      x x     
Spinach and potato        x     
Lentil curry        x     
Prawn and green beans    x   x     
Lamb and spinach        x     
Peas pilau              
Fish karahi    x   x     
Chicken karahi        x     
Lamb mince and peas        x     
Mix veg korma      x x     
Chicken spinach        x     
Vegan chocolate cake x          x 
Coconut cake x x  x       
Pistachio cake x x  x  x    
Gulab jamun cake x x  x