Fish Karahai Curry


Allow me to unveil a culinary masterpiece that tantalizes the taste buds – my Cod Fish Curry, a lavish symphony of flavors anchored in a luscious tomato base. But the journey doesn’t end there; this creation is elevated to new heights with an indulgent flourish of extra black pepper, bestowing upon it an exquisite and fiery kick.

Immerse yourself in a world where the tender embrace of cod fish meets the rich embrace of a tomato-based elixir. Each morsel encapsulates a tale of taste that awakens the palate with a tantalizing dance of textures and flavors. The inherent sweetness of tomato intermingles with the oceanic allure of cod, creating a harmonious interplay that’s nothing short of enchanting.

Yet, it’s the finale that takes this dish to the pinnacle of indulgence. A generous sprinkle of extra black pepper ignites the senses, infusing every forkful with a robust spiciness that resonates with every bite. The marriage of flavors is a celebration of contrasts – the deep, robust notes of black pepper marry the succulence of cod and the velvety essence of the tomato base.

In this culinary masterpiece, every bite unfolds as a symphony of sensations – the sweet, the spicy, the savory – a kaleidoscope of taste that’s designed to be savored. So, brace yourself for an experience that elevates your senses, transporting you to a realm where the culinary arts become an expression of passion and creativity. My Cod Fish Curry is more than a dish; it’s an invitation to partake in a sensory journey that ignites the palate, leaving an indelible mark of indulgence and spice.

If you want to step the spice level down take a look at these methods that will help. Click here !

Spice Level
Hot 70%

ALLERGEN ADVICE: For Allergens, see Ingredients in bold. While we take precautions, traces of other allergens may be present. If you are sensitive to even small traces of allergens please contact us before ordering

ALLERGENS: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Always ensure food is thoroughly heated and piping hot before serving. Please check seasoning and adjust to your taste.

MICROWAVE (850W): Cook from frozen. Remove sleeve, pierce film & cook on full power for 6 minutes. Peal film, stir gently, re-cover and cook for another 3 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes and stir gently before serving.
Appliances vary, adjust timing accordingly.

HOB: From frozen, gently heat in a suitable pan until boiling and thoroughly hot.
Adjust consistency and seasoning if required.


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